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Since SEGULA Technologies Brazil was founded in 2004 in the Curitiba region, the engineering consultancy group has been investing heavily to support the growth of the Brazilian market, particularly in the automotive, rail, aerospace and defense, energy, and Industrial sectors.
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Business sectors

A single passion, multiple sectors
Engineering for evolving industries
Automotive/Industrial Vehicles
Automotive/Industrial Vehicles
SEGULA Technologies has expertise in all a vehicle’s development cycle, providing Product Engineering, Processes, Maintenance, and Logistics solutions.
SEGULA Technologies has the skills needed to help its clients develop their projects for rolling stock, signal systems, and rail infrastructures.
Oil & Gas
SEGULA Technologies’ expert teams support their clients in designing, optimizing, producing, and transferring their industrial facilities and equipment.
SEGULA works with major actors in the nuclear, thermal, and renewables sectors, working from the study stage to installing and maintaining production units.
Aerospace & Defense
SEGULA offers international engineering solutions covering research and development, design offices, and provides expertise in production and site services.
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New technologies in fuels
29-year-old Renata Nohra has been with us since 2013. Renata has conducted innovative research into engines and new sources of biofuels with our client PSA in partnership with the laboratory of the PUC University in Rio de Janeiro. She participated in an educational partnership program in France and Brazil, where she will give a presentation of her career (mentioning SEGULA) during an event in Brasilia attended by the former French President François Hollande.

Segula Technologies in Minas Gerais
Avenida Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek, 474, Sala 202
Tel. +55 31 2557 0090
Canal de Ouvidoria Segula do Brasil
Segula Technologies in Parana
Rua Sete de Setembro, 605
Pinhais – Parana
Tel. +55 41 3033 1225
Canal de Ouvidoria Segula do Brasil
Segula Technologies in Rio de Janeiro
Rua Alan Kardec, 50
Floor 6 Campos Elíseos - Room 609
CEP : 27541-290
Resende – Rio de Janeiro
Tel. +55 (11) 2087 3942
Canal de Ouvidoria Segula do Brasil
SEGULA Technologies in Sao Paulo
Av. Doutor Paulo de Moraes, 555 SL 26
Paulista - Piracicaba - SP - Brasil
CEP 13400-853
Tel. +55 11 2087-3942
Canal de Ouvidoria Segula do Brasil
Segula Technologies in Sao Paulo
Rua Josephina Mandotti, 344
Floor 2 Jardim Maia – Rooms 24 and 25
CEP : 07115-080
Guarulhos – Sao Paolo
Tel. +55 (11) 2087 3942
Canal de Ouvidoria Segula do Brasil